Business Verticals

We've successfully served clients belonging to multiple verticals with stellar recruitment and placement services. We are comfortable working with different business verticals. Over time, we've developed several research and technology-backed intelligent recruitment solutions to suit each vertical's specific hiring needs. We presently serve clients belonging to the following verticals:

Consumer Goods and Services:

This industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with online retail taking off like it has. The GC&S vertical suffers a relatively high staff turnover, and our aim is help reduce attrition levels using intelligent staffing technologies.

BPO / KPO and Call Centers:

The last decade has seen call centers burgeoning everywhere, not to speak of BPO and KPO organizations. These companies have great need of low-level, mid-level and high-level staffing, and we are pleased to help them achieve their targets.

Banking & Finance:

While staff turnover is stable in the Banking & Finance industry, there is need for efficient recruiting methods. It's necessary to get it right each time, given the seriousness of the business. That's where we excel, with our unique strategic head-hunting outlook.


Firms that provide logistics and planning solutions need a lot of people both for long or short periods of time. We excel in providing highly trained technical and non-technical temporary staff to fit company requirements.


Our specialized recruiters source top talent best suited to handle the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of unique pharma products. We make sure that we source candidates that are skilled in clinical and drug research and drug development. Pharma is a stringent vertical, and it's not enough for our candidates to be just skilled. They also need to be discreet, dedicated and able to demonstrate their loyalty. That's the kind of candidates we look for, to suit our pharma clients' needs.


Automobiles sector has risen to a great extent thanks to the easy finance schemes by the financial institutions. Konnect Peers focuses on the automobile sector by providing tailor made candidate who is going getter and can succeed in the high-intensity environment.