Recruitment & Staffing

By popular understanding, staffing refers to satisfying a client's temporary employee needs, and recruitment refers to filling long-term positions. We do both. We maintain a continuously updated database of candidates for both long-term and short-term positions, from entry level to leadership roles.


Hiring Tech and Non-Tech Staff

We deploy the same stringent and creative recruitment process to recruit both technical and non-technical candidates. We look for technical candidates with top-tier technical skills plus excellent soft skills. Here's the good part; if our candidates are highly technically skilled but lack business communication savvy, we can train them up for you. When you get your candidate, he or she will be hire-worthy right from the first hello. We make sure of that.

Campus Placement Services

We source candidates with top talent potential from excellent education and technological institutions. Hiring talented people at entry level and building them up over the long run is a good strategy for keeping attrition levels down. So in order to get the very best candidates, we visit only the most reputable, quality educational institutions that are known for their curriculum, discipline and pass percentages. We detect talent via creative programs such as tech hackathons. Once we have their attention, we let them know about the clients we represent, and the jobs we're holding for them. The trick is to approach them at a peer level, to ensure receptiveness and positive response.

Hiring Temp and Contractual Staff

At times, our clients require temperory and contractual staff to handle excess workloads or to work on specific projects. As third-party contractors, we provide discreet, hardworking and trustworthy temp staff to our clients. Our clients rely on us to place only the best contractors on board for the specified project duration. However, our process remains the same, whether we're providing permanent or temp staff. We whet each candidate using the same stringent processes before placing them at client's place. So whether you're looking for the perfect temp secretary, paralegal, accounts person or writer, we have the candidate for you. We don't ignore the gaps in their fitments just because they're temp. During the interview phase, we identify gaps in the candidate's suitability, and proceed to train them in various skills before placing him or her. This ensures that you get a well-rounded candidate who can hit the floor running from day one.

Performing Background Checks

There's so much falsity out there these days that thorough background checks are an absolute must. This is where we come in - when you partner with us you don't need to sign up with a third-party background verification company. We perform background verification on every candidate, even the freshers we hire from campus placements. Rest assured that any candidate we send you will be thoroughly whetted by us in advance. We check for the following discrepancies in a candidate's background:
1. Fake documentation
2.Previous employment history - dates, performance and recommendations
3.Aadhaar verification
We also cross-check resume data with actual employment history, to make sure there's no information bloating or inaccuracies. Candidates who pass our stringent background verification processes represent 24-carat, long-term investment potential to our clients.

Bulk hiring

Recruiting candidates from a mass pool can be tough, unless you're using multiple professional talent-sourcing strategies. That's what we do. Our bulk talent sourcing strategy involves the following:

  • Spreading the word via various web niches and channels
  • Placing job descriptions in multiple job sites to leverage more leads
  • Contacting multiple potential candidates via social media
  • Marketing client job profiles at job fairs and collecting resumes
  • Putting the word out on various channels to leverage referral resumes
  • Campus recruitment programs at local colleges, universities, training centers and professional organizations
  • Using telemarketing to contact potential clients. Our efforts in this area are backed by the latest talent acquisition technologies

Using these strategies, we acquire a pool of talented candidates to fit various job descriptions. Our success depends on our committed staff and our client's cooperation and support. To this end, we maintain open communication between ourselves and the clients, and ensure our data tools and technologies are up-to-date. This creates a seamless process for our client, enabling them to work with us without a hitch.